Ensuring complete transparency

We believe that all our donors and volunteers deserve complete transparency. This also helps us build trust and accountability.

We know we are not perfect and welcome your suggestions on how we can create a more transparent process without compromising on actual work. Please reach out to us on social media / WhatsApp (links below!)

Distribution activities

While initially our focus was only on timely distribution, we realize that on-ground activity information is something that a lot of donors are looking for.

We have started religiously cataloging our daily volunteer drives by taking geo-tagged and time stamped images with the GPS Camera application.

You can see our most recent images here. We will keep updating this on a weekly basis.

A complete catalog of all our day wise activities can be viewed in our Google Drive folder - AnnapurnaMovement/ActivityLog

Pls. note - some of our older images do not have location & time tagging on them. We have tried to capture location details in file names. We respect the right to privacy of all citizens. The photos shared are only for activity tracking purposes.

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Donation usage

We are completely cashless organization. All donated money is used only and only for buying essential grocery kits. All donations are routed to our grocery partners and we maintain invoice logs against the amount donated.

Earlier, donations were collected from our individual networks via UPI / direct bank transfers to our grocery partners. Now, our
Ketto campaign is linked to our grocery partner's bank account without passing any volunteer's personal accounts.

You can see a snapshot of our fund generation& usage in the charts below. Detailed information with invoices will be updated once every two weeks & is available at our Google Sheets link - AnnapurnaMovement/FundTracking

Pls. note - Since we are a purely volunteer led organization developed in response to the Covid-19 crisis, we do not provide any 80G tax exemption certificates as of now.