Our team

Our core team members

Rashmi Balwani, Entrepreneur

I have been an active leader in social organizations like Robin Hood Army and have led various companies in F&B & industrial space including establishing Sbarro India. I initiated Annapurna Movement to make sure no one sleeps hungry or feels helpless in this crisis.

Samrudhi Chothani, Lawyer

While my only worry was finding out when I could go back outside, there were millions going without food, or even basic supplies. Through Annapurna Movement, I endeavor to use my privilege for a cause.

Shievani Upadhyay, Social Imapct Analyst

I work with International Financial Corporation (part of the World Bank Group) . Through Annapurna Movement I have taken the first step in giving back to our society, especially in this crisis. Food is a basic human right & should not be denied to anyone.

Mehak Balwani, McGill University

Making sure people don't sleep hungry is important to me. I manage the social media for Annapurna Movement and am extremely excited to see what comes next for us.

Soniya Dembla, Director Camera Crew

I lead a photography and video production company and bring that creativity and passion to helping Annapurna Movement in its outreach and operations.

Jaanvi Chopra, Law NMIMS

I believe if we all contribute, together we can solve the ongoing humanitarian crisis. I am doing my bit by making sure Annapurna Movement has a wider outreach!

Akshay Balwani, Entrepreneur

I'm a Microsoft alumnus, and have been working for Sbarro India since 2017, leading its business & systems development efforts. I manage donor messaging and activity data reporting for Annapurna Movement.

Raj Palan, Sales Head

I'm an alumnus of Indian School of Business and a Regional Sales Head for B2B business at a large NBFC. Working on areas of impact for the lower strata of society is very close to my heart. I assist in fund raising and identifying job opportunities for migrant laborers.